Cannabis Cup 2011 – Counter Culture Hall of Fame Inductee John Griggs

These are the words from the short film that was shown at the awards ceremony. We do not endorse the following story. These discrepancies are what inspired us to write our own account, soon to be published. It was put together by High Times for the induction of Johnny Griggs and the Brotherhood of Eternal Love into the

Counter Culture Hall of Fame

The Counter Culture Hall of Fame was created by Steve Hager. To honor leaders of the Counter Culture movement notable individuals like Bob Marley, Jack Kerouac, Louie Armstrong, Steven and Ina Mae Gaskin and Paul Krasner are current members.

Tonight we induct a very special group of individuals into the Counter Culture Hall of Fame.

In August 1972 the cops in California, Oregon and Maui arrested dozens of people and sent hundreds into hiding, in one of the largest coordinated drug raids in American History. By then, the Brotherhood of Eternal Love, better known among cops as the Hippie Mafia, had become Americas biggest LSD and hash smuggling network with a direct pipeline to Kandahar, Afghanistan. If you took Orange Sunshine or smoked Afghan Hash in the 60’s, chances are it was smuggled by a spiritual group known as the Brotherhood of Eternal Love, the group led by John Griggs.

They weren’t just a smuggling organization they were a religious movement. LSD transformed Farmer John Griggs into an immensely spiritual man, the force behind the creation of the Brotherhood of Eternal Love. Griggs was experimenting with heroin and he robbed a Hollywood producer of his LSD supply. After stealing the acid with his gang they dropped acid and had a religious epiphany. He threw his revolver in the river returned the unused LSD and apologized to the Hollywood producer. From that day forward, Griggs preached the Gospel of non-violence and universal Love encouraging the use of psychedelics.

After discovering LSD they took to Timothy Leary’s mantra of turn-on, tune-in and drop out and were to make that a reality by becoming the biggest group of acid dealers in the nation, literally providing the fuel for the psychedelic revolution in the process. Ten days after California banned LSD, in October 1966, the Brotherhood of Eternal Love was incorporated as a religious charity and was granted tax-exempt status. Their holy sacrament – acid and cannabis. By then they had moved thirty miles southwest of Los Angles to Laguna Canyon, and were quickly growing, and eventually opened the psychedelic head shop Mystic Arts World, which also served as the temple for the growing flock. Soon surfboards and Afghan goods sold in the shop were being shipped to California stuffed with hash. Then it was VW vans stuffed with hash arriving by boat. Their network would distribute millions of hits of their very own brand of LSD Orange Sunshine to people everywhere. At the Laguna Christmas happening in 1970 an airplane flew overhead dropping thousands of Christmas cards perhaps as many as ten thousand into the crowd. Each included a tab of the sunshine acid, which was made in Laguna Beach and delivered courtesy of the Brotherhood of Eternal Love. Much of what you see today at Rainbow family gatherings look a lot like what was going on around Laguna Canyon.

Unfortunately John died in 1969 and his master plan to create an independent Hippie Kingdom was never realized. Since Griggs remains relatively unknown, it’s only right that we try to raise his profile and celebrate his accomplishments at this years Cannabis Cup. This is an opportunity to reestablish the spirit of the 60’s, as the power of our tribe derives mostly from Cannabis. Just as Griggs tried to assert religious rights by creating the Brotherhood of Eternal Love, the Counter Culture continues to assert religious rights by holding these ceremonies. Farmer John Griggs, the 2011 inductee into the High Times Counter Culture Cannabis Cup Hall of Fame.

It’s said that so little is known about John Griggs, he is the greatest avatar of the Hippie generation, he is the man. Of course the media doesn’t want to talk about John Griggs, they know the power that he held and what he did, and the organization he put together. The cops and robber stuff, the smuggling that’s small potatoes. These people blazed a trail for spiritual rights for our sacraments. They were the first ones to blaze this trail. They did a lot of time in jail and on the run and they were heavily, heavily persecuted most of their life and on the run with their kids. And we have the core group of the Brotherhood here today. It’s such a pleasure to invite them to the Cannabis Cup and be able to hang out with them and just learn from our elders. So please welcome: Carol Griggs Randall, Michael Randall, their family, and long time brother Travis Ashbrook. John Griggs Jr., the son of John Griggs, is here to accept the John Griggs Cannabis Cup Hall of Fame award.