Reentry into the World

Remember all things pass … the sunset does not last all evening.

When the sun reaches the zenith

It begins to descend

When the moon becomes full

It wanes

When the cup is full

It must be emptied

In order to be replenished

Sharp edges do not last

Retire when the work is done

This is the way of Heaven


Let go lightly

Reentering the world of 10,000 things is one of the most important stages of the session. This is the time of re-imprinting the mind from old habits and structured patterns … a time to apply new-found wisdom. This time of the trip will set the stage for how you live life until your next journey.

Remember the lesson of water …

Live fluid

In the stream

Close to earth

Flow freely without attachment

Enjoy the sacred smoke … it is your friend … it keeps the candle lit longer. Be mellow.

Remain grateful for your ego-death and embrace your new freedom.

“Celebrate your victory

With funeral rites

For your slain illusions”

Be thankful for this wondrous, beautiful life we live. Remain close to nature’s infinite beauty and gifts.

We are all one.

Find your place in Nature’s Symphony. You are an integral element… You are the temporary conductor.

“Just as every point on the surface of a sphere may be seen as the central point of the surface, so … every being in the Cosmos may be seen as its center and ruler.”

Alan Watts

Each thing we do affects everything that exists … choose wisely … actions that embody gentleness and kindness are the Way of the Tao. Nature’s message is Peace and Harmony.

Virtue is a heavy stone to be avoided.

Force recoils; use only when necessary and then act consciously with courage.

When in tune with Tao One Becomes:

“Hesitant like one who wades in

A stream at winter

Wary as a man in ambush

Considerate as a welcome guest

Fluid like a mountain stream

Natural as uncarved wood

Floating high like a gull

Unfathomable like muddy water”

Now is the time for good music … natural food … a warm fire … love and sharing with brothers and sisters. Take this time to reflect on the revelations of the day and examine your life with clean lenses … a time for joy and ecstatic play and laughter … let’s dance and sing!

Enjoy the senses … sight … sound … taste … touch … sex!

Make Divine Love with the one you love. Practice a little Tantra … have a heavenly orgasm! It will be the best ever, each time.

The lesson of Tao is found among:

“Gardeners … hermits … cooks

Loafers … amateur musicians


Wanderers who sit by the fire

Those who watch the sunset

Couples who have been in love for years


Smiling men with bad reputations.”


Always remember

For God’s sake

Feel good


Nature’s order will prevail