The idea for this LSD guide was born one afternoon when a good friend came to visit. He told us about an event he had just heard about from one of his friends. A small group of people at a party spontaneously decided to take an acid trip. My guess is that they took a very strong dose and the group was inexperienced. As the trip progressed, one person became disoriented and confused and began to flip out. The group tried to calm him down, but he became more agitated, paranoid, and aggressive. He was large and strong and difficult to control. They tried different ways to subdue him with no success. Things got out of control. One of the group resorted to using force and the situation became violent. Their trip ended in chaos.

While listening to the story, we just looked at each other, shaking our heads, in total disbelief. It sounded like a nightmare trip from Hell, especially in their expanded state. A psychedelic experience involving violence can alter one for the rest of their life in a negative way.

After our friend left, we began to share our thoughts on the event he described. It really blew our minds! We reflected on the past, remembering what we would have done when the unexpected happened during a psychedelic session.

In the early 60’s, we took groups of people, who were new to the experience, into nature for a psychedelic journey. The goal was always to introduce them to the Light, or at least try to ensure a great trip. It is a huge responsibility to introduce someone to this kind of experience. It can feel like you’re dying or losing your mind while you are letting go of being in control, which can be a frightening and confusing experience. An ego death can feel very real — like a physical death.

In these outings, someone with experience became the guide for the day, carefully watching over things and keeping them on track. The guide must be subtle … a good guide is invisible. When the guide has done his job well, no one realizes there was a guide.

It is valuable to have someone, or something, guide you through the Bardos to the Light. We used the ‘Psychedelic Prayers’ and other prayer books … the words became the guide. These teachings are a huge piece of the Cosmic puzzle and provide a foundation for a clear and Spiritual psychedelic experience.

Tripping today is mostly done at festivals, raves, concerts, and parties, which is OK – as long as the unexpected doesn’t happen. Set and setting are most important of all. LSD is not a ‘party drug’ although you can party and have fun.

We realize that many young people today who get high may be missing an important part of the experience – the Spiritual part, which should not be overlooked. That is why we were inspired to put together this compilation of teachings and prayers and experienced suggestions — as a reminder that LSD is a powerful, Sacred Sacrament.

LSD is a key that opens doors – not a solution. It is a tool to gain insight. It is a Messenger Molecule.

It is our hope that this guidebook be read quietly or aloud in a session in nature — or other calm and safe environments – to understand these timeless teachings.

– Carol Randall

December 2014



“Let there be simple, natural things

To contact during the session –

Handwoven cloth

Uncarved wood

Ancient music

Flowers – growing things

Burning fire

A touch of earth

A splash of water

Fruit … cheese … good bread … wine

Sacred smoked


Temple incense

A warm hand

Anything more than 500 years old

Of course it is always best

To be secluded with Nature”

A wise man once said, “I came from nowhere and I am working my way back.”

The Tibetans refer to these stages of consciousness as Bardos, which are discussed in detail in the Tibetan Book of the Dead, which provides a guide to understanding the levels of awareness experienced after physical death. Leary and Alpert reinterpreted this ancient book to aid the voyager in understanding the experience of ego death in their first book, ‘The Psychedelic Experience’.

Cannabis is of great benefit during all stages of a trip. It is a milder psychedelic and can enhance and add dimension to the experience. It really is Sacred Smoke, enjoy it.

If it is at all possible, it is suggested to set aside three days for a complete trip — a day of preparation, a day for the experience, and a day for reflection. If time does not allow for this schedule, a few quiet hours before taking a dose will also do for preparation.

If you don’t find you have time for reflection the following day, be relaxed and aware … avoid life’s ‘mellow’ dramas and enjoy yourself.

It is common to feel a bit tired and spent the day after such a miraculous journey. It is best if you plan the session so that the next day is not busy and demanding.

A morning start is our favorite because of the biorhythms of the day and the value of a good night’s sleep afterwards, but any time that works is also fine.

We will outline the journey into four stages:

  • Preparation

  • Invoking pure energy flow

  • Embracing the flow of Divine Energy

  • Returning with the flow into structured thought/mind

    reentry into the world

It is difficult to attempt to impose any kind of structure on something as spontaneous and infinite as a psychedelic experience but, after 50 years and over 650 trips, I feel sure there is a certain sequence that can be relied on – stages, if you will. A good trip will last up to 12 hours and there are various stages or levels of consciousness that will be experienced. This is well known. There now exists a body of psychedelic knowledge, or perhaps I should say “unknowledge,” we are now able to travel established paths over territory previously unknown. These Bardos, or levels of consciousness, are experienced as the soul, spirit, or higher self separates from, or goes beyond, the limits of self-awareness/ego. It is a death/rebirth experience. With ego death comes complete freedom of spirit and oneness with Divine Light. The process can frighten and confuse, but you can get by with a little help from your friends.