The Psychedelic Experience

It is difficult to attempt to impose any kind of structure on something as spontaneous and infinite as a psychedelic experience but, after 50 years and over 650 trips, I feel sure there is a certain sequence that can be relied on – stages, if you will. A good trip will last up to 12 hours and there are various stages or levels of consciousness that will be experienced. This is well known. There now exists a body of psychedelic knowledge, or perhaps I should say “unknowledge,” we are now able to travel established paths over territory previously unknown.

A wise man once said, “I came from nowhere and I am working my way back.”

The Tibetans refer to these stages of consciousness as Bardos, which are discussed in detail in the Tibetan Book of the Dead, which provides a guide to understanding the levels of awareness experienced after physical death. Leary and Alpert reinterpreted this ancient book to aid the voyager in understanding the experience of ego death in their first book, ‘The Psychedelic Experience’.

These Bardos, or levels of consciousness, are experienced as the soul, spirit, or higher self separates from, or goes beyond, the limits of self-awareness/ego. It is a death/rebirth experience. With ego death comes complete freedom of spirit and oneness with Divine Light. The process can frighten and confuse, but you can get by with a little help from your friends.

Cannabis is of great benefit during all stages of a trip. It is a milder psychedelic and can enhance and add dimension to the experience. It really is Sacred Smoke, enjoy it.

If it is at all possible, it is suggested to set aside three days for a complete trip — a day of preparation, a day for the experience, and a day for reflection. If time does not allow for this schedule, a few quiet hours before taking a dose will also do for preparation.

If you don’t find you have time for reflection the following day, be relaxed and aware … avoid life’s ‘mellow’ dramas and enjoy yourself.

It is common to feel a bit tired and spent the day after such a miraculous journey. It is best if you plan the session so that the next day is not busy and demanding.

A morning start is our favorite because of the biorhythms of the day and the value of a good night’s sleep afterwards, but any time that works is also fine.



For those who have the time and opportunity, a day of preparation is pleasant and of advantage … a day to shuck the cares of the world … a quiet day of stillness to tame the monkey mind. Meditation helps clear the mind of attachments and desires. Pursue the path of nothingness which leads to the ‘natural mind’ – pure conscious awareness without thought. A day to relax and enjoy the gifts of being alive – to let joy fill your being.

Don’t drag external or any other kinds of problems or drama into this beautiful opportunity. You can address all important matters in your life at the end of the trip with a clear and fresh perspective.

Enjoy the bliss! Do yourself a favor, have fun!

“If you really understand the Tao

beyond doubt, it is like the empty sky.

Why drag in right and wrong?”


Third Century Sage

It is advisable to eat light healthy food so your digestive tract presents no obstacles the following day. I like to eat light, but others prefer fasting or just drinking juice the day before. It’s a personal choice. Eat anything you desire, actually. I don’t like to be hungry during the trip. Whatever you do, a comfortable body is the least distracting during the journey.

Music, love, and fun are always on the menu. Do what makes you feel good … a little yoga never hurts … read some inspirational material … poetry … scripture … Eastern mysticism … whatever.

The day of … be sure to wear comfortable clothing that you feel good in, appropriate for whatever weather you will be in. Bring a jacket and a blanket to lie on and to stay warm … water, fruit … just basic needs.

Don’t over do it. Remember to stay hydrated. Be careful in the sun.

We highly recommend to wait until you’re at the location where you intend to trip before taking the dose. In about 30 to 45 minutes, the first effects will begin.


Invoking Pure Energy Flow


A tickle of energy rises up the spine … warm and soft … the body begins to awaken.

Always remember …

“All things pass

A sunrise does not last all morning

A cloudburst does not last all day

Nor a sunset all night

What always changes

Earth … sky … thunder

Wind … fire … lake

Mountain … water

These change

And if these do not last

Do man’s visions last?

Do man’s illusions last?

During the session, take things as they come

All things pass”

Thoughts rise and fall … they come and go. Let them all flow down stream. Remain silent … let go … relax and be comfortable in your body. Let go!

Remember the message of posture.

During the experience,

Observe your body

Observe its message

Does it merge, or strain?

Does it rest serene on sacred ground

Or tilt, propped up by wire and sticks?


On tiptoe, one cannot stand for long.

Tension retards the flow.

Observe the mandala of

Your body.

As the flow increases, the energy gently rises up the spine awakening all the Chakras along the way.

Be natural … do nothing … remember the lesson of water.

Do not hold fast … do not grasp … let go!

Flow freely

Falling Free

“Repose … is the seed of movement

Stillness … is the master of agitation

Gravity is … falling free”

Our bodies are mostly water. We should learn the wisdom of water and follow the example of water. Water flows and changes, never remaining the same. It manifests in mist and clouds that become rain, that creates streams and rivers which flow and gather to become vast oceans, always in motion and changing. It all happens naturally on its own.

“The fluidity of water is not the

Result of any effort on the part

Of the water, but is its natural property”

Chuang Tzu

Be natural and fluid … do not think … do not let the mind have control. Go beyond thought and all will be in harmony.

“As I sit quietly, doing nothing,

spring comes and grass grows of itself”

Chuang Tzu

“That which is called ego death is coming to you


This is now the hour of death and rebirth;

take advantage of this temporary death

to obtain the perfect state –


Concentrate on the unity of all living beings.

Hold on to the clear light.

Use it to obtain understanding and love.”

(The Tibetan Book of the Dead)

While experiencing this Divine neurological awakening, follow the example and lesson of water.

Flow freely … unobstructed as you return to the source


Water becomes clear

Through stillness

One becomes still by moving

With the stream

To Lao Tzu, water is the symbol

Of strength and gentleness and

The wisdom of lying low

Water represents tranquility of Spirit

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