How Do You Pray?


How do I pray…let us say…in every possible way..

When I awake, I open my eyes and say:

“Oh thank you for a brand new day,

one of opportunities for work and play”…

To remember to be grateful,

even speak it out loud and say …

Thank you is a good way to start the day…

Meditation helps keep the jungle at bay…

Clears the path, Clears the way…

A perfect environment for the heart to pray…

Whether with words, or in silence…

or asking for guidance…

Sing a song, pray twice…make amends…

Salvation depends…on a heart that bends…that blends…loving vibrations it sends…

Into the new world…it mends…

For we are all one …under the same sun…

On my knees in the garden…adoring new life…

It’s my temple…my church…no struggle…no strife.

I contemplate…do inventory on my person, myself

No unfinished business left on the shelf…

With work I am conscious and do my best…

A job to be proud of…is a prayer in itself…

Self esteem is its payment…its health…its wealth…

When I pray…lets say…I try not to beg…I try not to plea…somehow that assumes you don’t know

what’s going on with me…

Attention Inner Being…That knows everything in me…My breath of life from within…

What I’m feeling…What I’m seeing…

Attention Inner Being…Yes that’s the way I pray..

An ongoing state of mind I’d say…

Any thing I do With a heart that’s full of love…is a prayer in action…

When dancing…a prayer in motion…

Anything I do or think with devotion…

Writing poems an elixir…my heart’s potion…

Mixing word with emotion…

That’s how I pray…ongoing most of the day…

Yes that’s how I pray…just get out of my own way

And realize it’s all …O K…


In the Light of the Moon


In the light of the moon—

I write my memories upon paper—

I watched the moon come up

through the diaphanous flow of my mosquito netting—

Glowing, reflecting off the cellular pattern—

of this soft supple fabric—

The jagged edge of the palm fronds—

casting themselves upon the surface of the round full moon—

Appearing streaked—this moon at its peak—

Creating an illusion—by this huge light projector—

It’s light—my protector—

Sitting alone in the night—

The sound of soft music— sets the stage—

Accompanied by the crickets—

it creates a steady background sound—

Being backed up by the pounding of waves—

crashing on the shore—loud like thunder—

a sound from down under—

Let no man put asunder—

That was a line my Father used to say to me—

As if it was the voice of God—as he smiled with a nod—

I sorting thru my thoughts—

It’s quiet—except for the symphony—

Me waiting for an epiphany— to strike—

as I write about my life—

Me Carol as a mother, a wife—

while I’m here, while I can—

Looking thru the frame—to tell the story, simple and plain—

No one is stirring—no noise—no lights—

Baja midnight strikes early—tonight—

It’s exciting—attempting to condense my life—

to fit in a box of hand written papers—

of all life’s capers—put together—

Maybe I’ll bind it in leather—

A book—about my story on earth—

From now—back to birth—recording my self worth—

The moon is so full—I can’t tell what time it is—

So bright—I can’t tell if it’s day’s first light—

As I lay—

enjoying the rainbow patterns—of the surrounding clouds—

I lay quiet—I drift—

What time is it now? —

I know—as nature’s clock—it crows—this cock—

It’s the crack of dawn—

Morning sings a sweet song—

Think I’ll drift off—with the light so soft—

In the last minutes left of morning—

So precious—so sweet—as I drift—I retreat—

Contemplate—the lotus feet—

I drift off in rapture—in hopes I can capture—one more nap…

So off to sleep, I retreat—

Till the first ray of sunlight—this morning it greets—

Good morning Caroleena—

All my endless searching—

I am the one I seek—


Taking Notice


The dark night

My altar lacks of Shakti—a diamond in the rough—

My Temple large but empty–needing some polishing up— Mostly being unused—My self I stand accused—

No one showing up for Kirtan—Not me, not you—

Prayers float by unspoken—my songs mostly unsung—

My Temple virtually quiet—

Without the rhythm of my drums—

Why this shift has happened—why and how it began???

For me to know and not know—It isn’t very fun—

In this endless tunnel—this long night of my soul—

Using ancient mantras—keeping me somewhat whole

OM Namah Shivaya—Shivaya Nama OM—

OM Namo Naranaya Shiva Shakti, Shambo—

On track my mantras keep me—They grove in side my soul—

I use them to climb out of this seemingly bottomless hole—

Maybe just a time out, or needing to retreat—

A self imposed, a let go— of every thing I seek—

I ask those same old questions—

What has value—What remains—

In this vast emptiness—Where only mind refrains—

Infinite space overwhelms, wearing me so thin—

I place my chalice reverently on the alter within—

I ring my temple bell—to the center of my being—

Gong—Gong—Gong—I ring—I ring—

Waking my beloved—me—Over and over and over again—

Vibrational sound disperses evenly—

throughout this viable sea—of nothingness—

vibrating—breaking down—Where Love abounds—

Being part and parcel—of this sacred ringing sound—

Stopping all my movement—sitting quietly—I’m still—

In this silence of this ringing—ringing—

My spirit feels like singing—singing—

My chalice overflows—With grace—

My chalice overfloweths—

My spirit feels like singing—singing—


Alone I Sit


In the Vortex I sit—fixed—only me—

and this vast sea—

A portal right here—and overhead this vast sphere–•

Sitting alone, I’m testing my fears—

This special moon—supposed to shift some gears—

in the universe, it appears—so they say—

I sit alone and pray—Not for anything special—

With my ego I don’t want to wrestle—

just a good way—

I sit in the center straight—

There’s no one out—it’s late—

As I stare—the reflection of the moon projects—

A long corridor of light—

from this world to out of sight—

In the midnight blue of the night—

the waves come up so

close edged in white—patterns of foam like lace—

Each one different—disappearing—no trace—

Sitting in the asana of meditations—as she churns

she foams—In unison we OM—ebbing and foaming—

Everything’s OMing—

Early mornings first light—mystical—its calm—clear teal colored swells

completely smooth like molten glass—

In the Vortex where nothing lasts—

Never before have I thought I could survive in these tides—

Three pelicans glide—slide across this smooth glass—

Moon fading in the new dawns light—

I came down to be alone—to write—

about all the things right—

I just opened Pandora’s box—

no lack of emotion does this story stock—

and not one second of this picture—

this Love Story lacks—In the Vortex I relax—

I relived my biggest acts—

of love and his tenderness—

As I sing this love song—for union—reunion—

Love and Brotherhood—a lot of different stories—

a lot of ifferent mugs—some of us were angels—

some of us thugs—

But the most important lesson—

Is Peace, Love, Brotherhood and Hugs—

In the Vortex I stare—I contemplate the truth—

There’s nothing to compare—

so please when you tell our story—

Stay in the truth— It cares—

Who ever said life was fair—I swear—

It’s close—all these different points of views—

All these greens, golds and metallic hues—

The hard part of living—is when you lose—

But then again we can be happy—

find love if we choose—

Turquoise, teal, greens and blues

From the Vortex colors ooze.

Wake my children wake—Wake my children wake—

Sitting in the asana of meditation—

Thinking of our Guru’s lotus feet—

Night has flown—Dawn has come—

Wake my children wake—Wake my children wake—

For all our children’s sake—Let’s be awake—

Be authentic—not fake—for God’s sake—

What’s it going to take—Love always saves the day–•

It’s important to be grateful—

Gratitude—it paves our salvation in many ways—

The first ray of sunlight just hit my back—

I rolled over—

With the sun behind—new light shows— it shines—

In the Vortex she swells —

Like my heart it ebbs—it flows—

with life’s highs and lows—

Sitting in this ocean of bliss—

never a note did he miss—

I have reams of dreams of some of life missed—

Or what if, I wished—

These swells are like the bottomless wells of tears—

My heart mirrors absolute perfection—

A lifetime of no ‘regretten’— cause our lives are coming to an end—

the sun is setting—I’m here at the feet—

Like a full on Blessing—

a wedding of souls here and gone—

How my soul longs—So what you reap you sow—

Do your best—it shows—like Christ in the curl—

It glows—Life flows—

Who knows—Who knows—


Fall Harvest


Autumn leaves all still attached—

Rows of grape vines intertwined —

With branches interwoven like angle wings

dressed in fall colors—

Miles and rows of lacewings connecting—

End-to-end in perfect spacing—

Eucalyptus standing tall—bark and leaves curling—

Defiantly fall—

Cottonwood trees, leaves flicker—reflect light—

Coded messages of pure delight—

Shimmering little mirrors—

Their song couldn’t be much clearer—

Nothing lasts forever—making this moment dearer–

Aspen trees shimmer in the light breeze—

Over the bridge, hugging the ridge—

The magnificent panorama view, display of fall—

Dried green mosses hanging from aged oaks—

Long beards sway—

Together they share what’s left of life—

Co-inhabit their last days—under warm fall rays—

Canyon gorge filled with falls folly—

who designs all this?— My God—golly

A colorful fall display like a magnificent Monet—

So beautiful—

It’s hard to put into words—I’ll say—

As my vision casts along these hills—

My soul it thrills—all my senses it fills—overflows~spills—

It’s, its last hurrah—its nature’s law—

for everything to go down under—

To freeze—then thaw—this is their season—

They shed—decompose—and wed themselves back to the soil—

How nature toils and tends her grounds—

These seasons keep going round and round—

It’s 4:20—living in the land of plenty—

Sun setting in the west— making all the shadows elongated and tall—

All tress dressed for the ball—the final show—

The curtain fall—

The last performance—

In the autumn of my life—as a mother, as a wife—

With close friends harvesting in fall—It’s so precious—when love calls—

How grateful can one soul be—

It’s impossible to gage—

As I try with words on this page—

To express—

How grateful I am