Embracing the Flow of Divine Energy

This is it!

The seed moves slowly and serenely.

“It is all so simple

Each next moment

This is it!

The Garden at Sunrise, breathing

The quiet breath of Twilight

Seed should be free to grow


The rhythm of life”

Seed Light

“Magical helix … smallest form

Mother of all forms

Seed creator … helix of light

The oldest resides in the smallest

Source of all forms

Though it does take


Be empty, do nothing

Return to the source”

The Tao is beyond understanding and so is always mysterious. The cosmic mystery. Whenever there is no desire or intention, one beholds the mystery.


“We do not see it

We do not hear it

We do not grasp it

We spin through it

Electric, silent, subtle”

In the first chapter of the Tao Te Ching, ‘The Manifestation of the Mystery’, Lao Tzu tells us:

“The Tao is nameless

That which can be named

Is not the Tao”

The Tao is formless … elusive

It is the image of nothingness

It returns to nothingness

Gate of all wonder

To follow the flow is to return to the source … no effort is necessary, just let go … it all happens naturally.

It’s just a thought. It is a mistake to regard the Tao as unconscious energy. It continuously renews itself … each next moment.

“Though older than

The most ancient,

It is not old”

Chuang Tzu

“The Tao does nothing, and

Yet nothing is left undone”

Lao Tzu


Be empty, do nothing … return to the source … remain silent … go with the flow

Timothy invites us to float through the Universe of the Body without losing our way … from the Root Chakra to the Crown Chakra … experiencing all of the Chakras of the body… the Root Chakra, Sex Chakra, Heart Chakra, Throat/Breath Chakra, and the Crown Chakra.

From the base of the spine

Drift through the swamp of the

Central canal



Move on

Let each cell in your body

Experience the ecstasies

Of lovers

As the serpent coil unwinds

And rises …

Embrace the flow of energy

Without holding on.

Merge and follow the flow

With fire-blood

Center on the heart-fire of love …

Let your heart pulse

For all love

For all joy

For all mankind

Let it beat with compassion

For all life.


Observe the rhythm of breath

Breath of Life

Breathing in … and breathing out

Drift freely

Float beyond life and death




Travel with the flow into the luminous Eternal Light … merge with joy into complete oneness.

“Turn on the billion-celled

Diamond network

Light … light … light


Solar flare

From every cell in your body

Energy hurtles

Light … Life … Love … Luminous

Into the thousand-petalled

Lotus of Light”

Hold fast to the Void

Breathing like a bellows

Always full … always empty

In silence

No time for talk

Hold fast


Enjoy the miraculous gift of the senses; all of which are enhanced during the psychedelic state.

Light is more luminous and bright, colors more vibrant than ever. Enjoy the spectacular light show.

Radiant pulsating

Retinal mandala

Cosmic dance of light

Experience pure sound, divine music, with vivid clarity previously unknown.

Trembling vibrations

Tickle delicate membranes

Creating ecstatic sensations

Symphonic vibrations

Travel down

Liquid-filled canals

Nerve endings with fine tendrils are woven in skin creating electric sensations of touch.

The feel of warm skin

Smooth and soft

Fine cloth

Wood grain

Splash of water

Embrace the tangle of olfactory cells …

The smell of the forest

Odor of soil … root … branch … leaf

The saltiness of the sea

Scent of a woman or man

Sultry, sexual perfume.

The taste of an apple does not exist in the apple, nor on the tongue, but occurs when the apple contacts the tongue…

Explosion of taste buds

Rapturous sensation

Ecstatic delight

Taste of fruit

Find food

Bounty of life

Renewed with each bite

Quivering pleasure