The Brotherhood being honored in Amsterdam

     It was a beautiful day in northern California, where we reside. While enjoying a warm spring day in the garden we got a call from Eleanor and Michael Kennedy. They are our dear friends who were our lawyers in the past. They are on the Board of Directors for High Times. They said High Times wanted to honor and induct John Griggs and the Brotherhood of Eternal Love into the Counter Culture Hall of Fame, for our contributions to the psychedelic movement in the 60’s.

     We are very private people, so it took a couple of invites over time for us to feel comfortable and willing to be exposed. A good deal of our life had been spent in secret and hiding, with assumed names, in remote places. So we never felt comfortable being in the forefront. Being exposed. It was a life of secrecy not because of shame but survival. Because it was dangerous to be us, we were a threat, warrants were served, prison time completed, and so-called debts paid to society. Over time the environment has cooled down, times have changed.   So we turned on-tuned in-and dropped back in, and reentered into society. Bringing with us all the wisdom, and creative energy we had cultivated during those years to present time.

     Once we committed to receiving the Honors in Amsterdam, I felt excited inside, mainly excited for Johnny—to be remembered and not forgotten, honored for his short stay on earth.   He was a bad boy turned good through the use of psychedelics. He transformed himself into a Bodhisattva.   That was his story, his teaching.

In Amsterdam in the introduction to the Hall of Fame, Steve Hagar (the editor of High Times magazine and the founder of the Cannabis Cup) said about Johnny “He is the greatest Avatar of the Hippy Generation. He is the man”. Though he wasn’t with us very long, his contribution to the movement was unbelievably powerful. He was an instrument of the source—which we all are in some form.

     Somehow he was the 100th monkey. Maybe that’s who Hanuman was, the devoted Monkey God in the epic story of the Ramayana. Like Hanuman, Johnny could, with his devotion, accomplish anything with Love. He was magic, he had charisma and charm. He had the ability to make anyone feel special and loved, because he was sincere, he truly cared and loved everyone.

A friend said to me “I have never met anyone before or after Johnny that was so special. He was one of a kind”. That sums it up, I absolutely agree.

     He was one of a kind and deserving of this honor and recognition and a place in history. Because the change happened…

A lot of humanity woke up.

     Many people are now having a resurgence of revelations about what really went on. What a special time on Earth it was and how blessed we all were!!!

In Amsterdam it felt so surreal because we were so exposed, so open. We were even on stage, a complete turnabout from the past to the present time. As though the past had never been a struggle. All in all a blessing beyond belief, almost incomprehensible. But the time is right for the truth to be told. There are too many conflicting stories about what went on, misconstrued stories written about our personal life. But in Amsterdam we were honored with respect from all the staff and all who attended and those who make these events possible.

     We had three of our grown children with us, which made it even more special, our boys John Jr., Daniel and our daughter YoshaShara. The boys got the honor of being cup judges along with our friend Travis Ashbrook who was one of the original brothers. My daughter kept us organized and on time. She was my shopping buddy and fashion consultant.

We all had such a great time. It will always be a cherished experience that we will always hold dear.

At this point I would like to bestow an honor of recognition for my husband Michael Randall whose love and devotion carried on the work after Johnny’s passing. He lived in the shadows, but in reality he carried the ball. He loved and raised Johnny’s children as his own. He was devoted to me and has spent his life making me happy. I have been a blessed woman and thus I shall induct him into my own Hall of Fame!

We all had a great time.

We were humbled and felt blessed on our trip to Amsterdam.

High Times gave me the honor of designing The Cannabis Cup Poster (on this book cover!). A poster that would represent the essence of the Brotherhood. When I sat down to contemplate what to do I was given a vision… I chose this picture of Johnny because of the pensive gaze in his eyes. It was taken of him in Central Park, New York in 1966. I thought it was important to put the Brotherhood mandala in the center of his heart and the three words that represented what we stood for peace, love and brotherhood. I chose the clouds symbolizing him observing us from a different plane. I played with it until I was satisfied with its outcome.

While in Amsterdam the staff hung the posters on the walls of the backstage area. A small pile remained on a low table that we all sat around. Each judge was given a kit, which contained many samples from 16 to 24. Different strains, some had names, some were just numbers and some were tested in the lab for their THC content. Upon receiving their kits, they opened them and wanted to get started immediately. The kit did not contain a rolling tray. Someone started cleaning at the table, on top of the stack of posters. He realized he was cleaning weed over Johnny’s face; he looked up as though he was doing something disrespectful. I, already feeling Johnny’s presence said to my friend, “He’s honored, he is thrilled that his poster is being used to roll weed on at the Cannabis Cup.’’

     A lot of the testing and scoring went on in one of our rooms, number 215, the only room with a balcony. We rehearsed our song, strategized and did a lot of sample testing. The judges all took the task seriously, but experts that they are, they could pick out the best before it was even tested. But to be fair, they were conscious and smoked everything to give it all an even chance. You never know, sometimes things are not always as they seem, there can be a sleeper. It takes a lot of responsibility to be a judge and I think they did a really good job!