“Hold in reverence

This great symbol of transformation

And the whole world comes to you

And dwells in the union

Of Heaven and Earth

Offer music … food … wine

The molecular message

Is without flavor

It cannot be seen or heard

It cannot be exhausted by use

It remains”

Carbon is the basic building block of life; however consciousness is the true bedrock of existence. Dogmatic science and dogmatic religion have kept us from understanding the true nature of consciousness. Through the use of psychedelics, we are able to experience deeper levels of awareness into the infinite possibilities of our consciousness and our

oneness with the Universe. “Better living through chemistry.”

The Second Coming may well be a molecule rather than a man.

Timothy reminds us that:

“Man’s natural state is ecstatic wonder, ecstatic intuition, ecstatic movement. Don’t settle for less.”

The world is at a tipping point in consciousness. We must find alarm clocks sufficiently powerful to wake us from our sleep-walking existence which nowadays is called normality.

Transcendental experience is the only escape from the prison imposed by the ego. LSD is the rocket that boosts one into a free space where it is possible to appreciate the true beauty and nature of objective reality.

excerpted from Michael Hollingshead

There is nothing to fear.

“Where are we really going?

Always home!!”


LSD is the least toxic of any psychedelic available, and the most powerful and transformative molecule ever discovered. Psilocybin and mescaline both contain significant levels of poison compounds, but have been used for millennia by shamans and others to guide mankind to gain a deeper understanding of life. One hundred micrograms of LSD — a tiny speck, difficult to see with the naked eye — can change one’s life. Two hundred micrograms is even better!

LSD accomplishes what all religions seek to do.

The guidelines that follow are only suggestions and nothing more. There are no hard and fast rules at all. These suggestions are meant to help achieve the optimal spiritual outcome for the session. The spiritual content of the psychedelic experience cannot be overlooked; it is the heart of the experience.

Set and setting are very important in determining the direction and course of the journey. A natural and quiet setting with a minimum of external distractions is of great value – a quiet and secluded beach, mountains, a stream, etc. … Trusted companions and loved ones are recommended company. Large social events are not optimal, especially for beginning explorers. “Waves not raves” is our suggestion.