There are moments in time, when a word, a thought, or a substance has had such power, that it changes history. We were there…we became a generation so involved in the moment. We became unstoppable: a spiritual awaking so profound, that its very conception shatters preconceptions. It halted the world and made people from all nations take notice.

     It began with a sacred substance, the alchemy of LSD. We were chosen, we are forever grateful. Gifted with this sacrament we became a new breed of people, a tribe. One united in Peace, Love and Brotherhood. Being over shadowed by a presence, so profound, integrating in every cell the realization that it’s all God. It’s all Love and we are all a congruent whole, one humanity.

     The movement started small, but multiplied fast. It was a concept, a belief deep in the hearts of all who were there (and those who wished they were there). These pockets of antiestablishment individuals questioned authority and their surroundings, while searching for the real meaning of life and deeper truths. These communities of like-minded individuals and families of communal creativity, focused on family, friends, poetry, art and all kinds of music. Spiritual practices like yoga and meditation, health, alternative medicine, right action. Demanding to be free of societal restrictions, restraints and hang-ups.

     The pureness of thought exploded. We were everywhere and there were now millions of us. Out of this Peace movement was born Love-Ins, Be-ins, and Anti-war demonstrations that were occurring everywhere. College campuses erupted with thousands of people refusing the draft. This startled the government, to say the least, and the powers that be. A president was impeached, a war was stopped, and an entire generation stood up and said “Hell No”!!! We are that generation, we are so blessed. We existed before they named us “Hippies”. Social change was accruing and continued on multiple levels.

     Out of this orderly chaos came the free speech movement, free love movement, farm worker’s movements, organic farming, health food stores, juice bars, the natural birthing process and breast feeding were all brought back. Also the women’s movement, gay rights movement, environmental movement, civil rights movement and the anti war movement. Movements and more movements.

     The message was clear. The world was uniting behind one principal and one-thought “Love”, and its affirmations of Peace, Compassion and Brotherhood. We are that generation of young, freethinking people. We were willing to stand up and be counted and our willingness to be different. “Who would have thought”?

     We brothers and sisters stood for the truth and individual freedoms. Like the freedom of expression, the freedom for an individual to make a choice, spiritually, sexually and socially. Our rights to be different and still belong. Honor in refusing to fight without judging those who did. Creativity, love, and respect for all things and all people. Our right to think independently, to make a difference. Our willingness to share with others, “yes we changed the world”!!! We can be, humbly proud of that! I am so grateful, as I know you are, to be part and parcel of this sacred movement. Thank you, to our lawyers and all the powers that be…God, Christ, Gurus, Saints and Sages, and to all the alchemists who sacrificed, who suffered, and who paid a price. All those who had the courage to manifest this Dream…Our Dream…Our Vision.

     We will go down in History. We all made a difference and continue to this day, still making a difference.

How blessed are we…

How blessed are we…

My brothers and sisters…

That’s what “The Brotherhood of Eternal Love” is to me…

I ask again, “How Blessed are we?”

                               Carol Randall

                               April 28, 2011